Mac’s Meats has a complete variety of fresh quality meat available daily.


beef-iconOur beef is cut of the best quality in the area, available in steaks, roasts, prime rib, and custom cuts.

We also have lean ground beef, beef patties, our own pinwheels, and flavored jerky and snack sticks.

Large beef portions may be custom ordered by the side, hind or front.


pork-iconOur first quality pork is available in chops, steaks, roasts, breakfast sausage (patties & links), polish sausage, choritzo, porkloin filets, stuffed pork chops, and “poor man’s filet.”

We also make our own pulled pork, and smoke and cure our own bacon.

Large pork portions may be custom ordered. Smoked hams available at Easter and Christmas.


poultry-iconOur chicken is all-natural and is not enhanced with salt-water like much of the chicken in the grocery stores.

Our fresh chicken includes fryers and broilers, and we have frozen chicken nuggets and marinated chicken breasts.

Every Wednesday and Friday, we feature our own Rotisserie Chicken, available after 3:00pm.

Don’t forget to try our own hot dogs and homemade brats, in a variety of flavors.

Seasonal Meats:

Call in advance to order

  • Thanksgiving: Fresh Turkeys
  • Christmas: Potato Sausage, Smoked Ham, and Prime Rib
  • Easter: Smoked Ham

Custom meat cutting and deboned venison processing also available.