Pork Sausages / Brats

   Made from the highest quality boneless pork butt with no additional fat added

Regular Brats

a Wisconsin style brat seasoning

Cheddar Brats

Wisconsin style brat seasoning with cheddar cheese added

Jalapeno Cheese Brats

Stuffed with diced pickled jalapenos and pepper-jack cheese. SPICY!

Bacon Potato Onion Brats

Stuffed with our own homemade bacon, diced fresh onion and diced potatoes

Maple Brats

Made with locally produced maple syrup

Blueberry Brats

Loaded with locally grown blueberries and a touch of brown sugar

Green Pepper & Onion Brats

Chock full of diced fresh green pepper and onions

Chili Cheese Dog Sausage

The perfect blend of seasonings to taste like your favorite chili-dog, with the cheese already inside for less mess.  Just add mustard and onions!

Polish Sausage

LOTS of Garlic!

Italian Sausage

A sweeter type Italian sausage, with just the right amount of fennel


Italian sausage on steroids! Extra fennel, garlic and a little red wine.

Garlic & Chive Sausage

Can't have too much garlic!

English Bangers

A mild breakfast-type sausage, served most often with "mash"

Chicken Sausages

All made from boneless, skinless chicken thighs - lean but not too dry.

Mushroom & Swiss Sausage

Mildly seasoned and full of sliced mushrooms and swiss cheese

Broccoli & Cheddar Sausage

Who doesn't like cheddar cheese with their broccoli?

Asagio & Wild Rice Pilaaf Sausage

A lower sodium choice with no salt added in the seasoning. Wild rice pilaf, asagio cheese, and diced red peppers give this sausage a delightful flavor.

Chicken Fajita Sausage

Just a little heat - LOTS of flavor. Stuffed with flame-roasted peppers and onions.

Shrimp Scampi Sausage

Chock full of whole shrimp, fresh garlic, a little lemon-pepper and white wine.

Buffalo Wing Sausage

Tastes like hot wings - Franks Red Hot Sauce in the seasoning with a little bleu cheese added.

Cordon Bleu

A favorite sausage loaded with chunks of ham and swiss cheese

Pineapple Teriyaki Sausage

Slightly sweet with chunks of pineapple

Beef Sausage

Mac-n-Cheese Sausage

Our first ever beef sausage, seasoned with Montreal Steak seasoning. Loaded with macaroni & two kinds of cheese. A new favorite!

Olive Burger

(coming soon)

Loaded with green olives and Swiss cheese.

Seasonal Brats:



Only made during local asparagus season, half pork, half asparagus, with cheddar and pepper-jack cheese

Swedish Potato Sausage

(Between Thanksgiving & Christmas)

A traditional Swedish-style blend

Homemade Hot Dogs

Also, make sure you try our own homemade smoked hot dogs--once you taste them, you will never go back to the store brands again!

Don't forget to pick up a package of our fresh baked Brat Buns from our bakery to make your cookout complete.

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Mac’s Meats & Country Roads Bakery is a local butcher shop, meat market, and bakery located in Rothbury, Michigan, providing quality fresh meat, fresh baked goods, deli meats and other select foods to our customers in Oceana County and the surrounding areas.